Terms and Conditions

Minimum storage time? is 6 months payable up front then S/O every month.

Standard £100 per month (inc VAT) Dry secure storage for vehicles excluding (agreed value?) insurance & two visits per year.
Includes…. Take client to nearest railway station if required, battery disconnect, tyre pressures raised by 50%, car rolled once a month – prevent flat spots.
During storage any excessive fluid loss will be reported to owner.
Marks remit – included in storage charge.
Provide storage c/w power, light, heat, dehumidification & insurance.
Collect vehicle from Chisbon then provide max. one return move/vehicle/6 months – final delivery to Chisbon.
Move cars to service area/make accessible as required. Car lift? Compressor? Battery charger/booster, Service area?

Not included in storage charge….. Extra visits by client. Collection/delivery to other destinations. Any other work done from above list.

Extra services offered…..
Car covers – can be supplied at discount – from £20.
Accumate (or similar battery chargers) – can be supplied at discount.
Valeting before being stored and when client collects
Servicing or restoration
Insurance cover can be arranged, cost dependant on vehicle value.

Extra visits. All extras payable by return by cheque or internet transfer.